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The world’s oldest decorated cave

Lit by the beam from a head-torch, lines of animals loom out of the shadows across the limestone walls of the cave – lions and bears, mammoths, bison and horses, all woven together across the fissures of the rock. And immortalised in the clay, prints of human hands and feet provide a spiritual link to those ancient artists.

An immense natural cathedral untouched for millennia, the Chauvet Pont-d’Arc cave has retained a remarkable freshness. Time stands still here along the Estre Combe at Vallon- Pont-d’Arc in Ardèche, just a short way from the immense natural stone bridge of the Pont d’Arc. On the 18 December 1994, three local cave explorers – Jean-Marie Chauvet, Eliette Brunel and Christian Hillaire – discovered paintings, engravings, and prints that had been forgotten for 36,000 years

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In kind light this cabinet’s contorted grain shapeshifts. Tea tree stained water flowing over river stones – sunlight penetrating, reflecting, then penetrating again; sandstone escarpments set ablaze by dying days, a campfire, a nebula, solar flares, desire.

Some things can be set alight without using flame.

Images Cathy Taylor Photography

Sculpture Krista Berga

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